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  • In this post, we will be comparing the two CSS frameworks, Bootstrap vs Foundation. When it comes to being a developer and designer you usually always reach a crossroads of which CSS framework should you use? Bootstrap (currently at v3.2) and Foundation (currently v5.3) are the two most popular front-end frameworks right now.

    What is a CSS Framework?

    A CSS framework, also called a web framework, is a group of tools, libraries, and best practices for use on a website. A CSS framework can be as simple as a one-page template that you use as the starting place for every page of your site, or it might be a complex group of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and server-side programs and files that you use to manage the entire site architecture. But nearly all frameworks include a few things in some fashion:

    A CSS framework usually consists of the following components:

    • HTML code which help make up the structure of the pages
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  • UX design or user experience design is the process by which a pin point or need is identified. UX designer will likely design the user flows, the steps that an user would take to sign up for your newsletter, for example, what are the steps they will follow and how will they know if they’ve been successful?

    The design is then passed off to the UI designer. The UI designer will refine those interactions adding color and emphasis to the original design giving users the clues they need to successfully navigate the newsletter sign up process.

    UI Makes Interfaces Beautiful

    Once the user flows and wireframes are prototyped and tested, it’s the UI designer’s role to make them aesthetically pleasing. This includes choosing a color scheme and typography that will be both attractive and simple to use. However, color choices, typography and... Read More

  • In today’s day to day life if we think about our routine without internet, smart phones, social media etc it is hard to imagine life without them. Advanced technologies are having a greater impact on our mind than we may believe , they are making us more creative and productive.

    We can communicate and share our ideas through emails, chat, etc. One should not be physically present to explain each and everything to the third person. We can pass our views from any part of this world. We can sell our ideas, services and products with the help of social media marketing. Sales can shoot up to the peak with help of technology. Brand presence can make felt with social media and one can attract with maximum number of customers on all social platforms.

    From health care to software companies the pace of change and the necessity to innovate is growing... Read More

  • Magento was built as a flexible platform. This is really its defining feature. Users can create stores with a variety of functions using pre-made extensions or by utilizing their coding chops. This is the beauty of a platform like Magento and one reason it’s so popular.

    Unfortunately, focusing on flexibility didn’t make it the most user-friendly, high-performing platform. There were important tools missing right “out of the box” that every store needed, such as performance optimization, mobile-responsiveness, and admin capabilities.
    In addition, there have been many complaints of Magento 1 running slow. In response to this, experts have determined what makes Magento sites run faster, but this still couldn’t change the issue of core speed. To address these issues, the Magento team designed an upgraded platform: Magento 2.

    User-friendly checkout

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  • Frameworks have proved as a boon for designers since their inception. They are a standardized set of concepts, practices and criteria which help designers in dealing with a common type of problem. They provide a specific set of common and familiar features that can be used across many websites. Since they provide a common structure to the developers, they do not have to write every time from the scratch. They are ready for prototyping and the developers can reuse it again and again. This helps in saving redundant efforts and a large chunk of time.'

    Among these, the widely used frontend framework is Bootstrap. Developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter, it was released as an open source product in August 2011 on GitHub. It’s a CSS (cascading style sheet) framework that helps to keep information in an appropriate... Read More