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Logistic Solutions

IT Atlantis Logistics SolutionWarehouse Management Systems (WMS) are increasing becoming a technology that distributors and manufacturers rely on to automate warehouse movements in order to track inventory better including enhancements in performing a unified and efficient method for the proper flow on inventory.

IT Atlantis is one of the leading logistic automation providers with its core software that helps solve end-to-end supply chain needs.


IT Atlantis Logistic Solution is designed for small to mid-sized businesses, meaning it doesn’t require an army of IT staff to support. You are able to start with the functionality that you need now at a price that makes sense, and scale for growth over time. Our seamlessly integrated modules and applications are available to you when you need them. With it’s advance workflow engine, we empower you to customize the functionality of the WMS rather than writing code. Better results and easier upgrades.



IT Atlantis meet our customer expectation with right person at right on-time shipment. We generally focus on innovation to sharpen their competitive edge for Transportation and logistics. We understand the value of our customer for their time and money.

Order Processing

Managers are well aware of the much important order generation and order processing. Business owners regulate and manage their operations with licit business documents.

Inventory Management

IT Atlantis manages end-to-end inventory planning and replenishment tailored to your requirements. Taking complete responsibility for your inventory, we find the efficiencies that eliminate unnecessary stock holding and subsequently decrease logistics cost.

Production Management

IT Atlantis manages the materials and products necessary to keep your business running smoothly. We understand your specific business requirements.

Supply Chain Management

We delivers the best services to our valuable customers which understand the complexity and face the challenges. We confirm that products are in the proper condition every step of the way.


Employees are the most strongest and competitive asset to a business. Managing employees and motivating them by offering best remuneration and compensation, is crucial to hold their interest for success of the business.

Accounting & Finance

IT Atlantis supported by our worldwide warehousing, distribution and technological capabilities, our logistics professionals never stop advising, optimizing and searching for new efficiencies.

MIS Reporting

IT Atlantis provide powerful search, status and performance reporting, so your supply chain moves seamlessly and with optimal control. We maintain report on your supply chain’s as per the service-level agreements and identify additional outcomes.

Directing your Warehouse Efficiency

IT Atlantis can help. The IT Atlantis's Warehouse solution, IT Atlantis Logistic Solution, was built by supply chain experts to provide the out-of-the box tools and the extensibility to tackle even the most difficult tasks in the warehouse.