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E-Commerce Services

Ecommerce is not merely a marketing channel for your business; rather it is a full fledged online store. A store which is progressing with rapid pace and has customers glued to it owing to elusive offers, convenient shopping practices and secure payment techniques.

We aim to develop applications that satisfy the technological challenges such as optimized business value, cloud setups, mobility, improved customer experience, integrated ecosystems, balancing of costs and operational efficiencies.

At IT Atlantis, we understand how the social, political, economic and environmental factors are constantly evolving and driving change. Hence your organization needs to facilitate more agile, flexible and integrated IT systems. Custom Applications are the need of the hour in addition to them being responsive and secure.

IT Atlantis and its team of application development personnel will deliver to you exactly what your business needs. Having built innovative applications for various domains and clients in the past, we are capable of providing significant return on investment for your business while transforming your architecture landscape.



Application services by IT Atlantis will help develop robust, efficient applications for your business through our high end strategic solutions which fit in to embrace the 21st century technology framework. Our world class Enterprise Architecture team can establish the structure, processes, and tools for improvements in technology governance and create the metrics needed to measure alignment of your IT landscape with your business goals.


Application Services- Our Offerings

Applications Development Services

Design, build, test and implement solutions that are cost effective to operate and maintain throughout the lifetime of the application. Our proven application services frameworks effectively improve the time for marketing activities.

Applications Modernization Services

IT Atlantis momentously adopted and mastered variety of application modernization strategies that effectively addresses the risks, optimize benefits, and prioritize the business need of each application, resulting in a flexible application modernization road-map.

Applications Maintenance Services

IT Atlantis provides the timely support for the mission critical applications and provides enhancements to improve the performance with predictable pricing that brings down the costs of maintaining your applications.

Applications Migration Services

IT Atlantis understands the constraints of the legacy applications in the current era and is fully geared to provide the Migration services to enable the customers to quickly migrate from the legacy platforms to the best of breed platform.


Seek the best ecommerce solutions and witness a tremendous growth in your business revenue as a result of increase in conversions, reach of products to the potential and qualified customers, repeat in the sales and of course the increased returns.