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Business Intelligence

IT Atlantis believes in the concept of “Reinvent to excel”. Our strategic action plans will help you in complete business transformation for success through enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, IT risk analysis and other capital transformations.

Are you still thriving on obsolete business practices and yielding no significant outputs?Are you concerned about your business productivity and performance?Are you lagging behind on advanced reporting and metric assessment for gauging your buiness outcomes?

If yes, IT Atlantis has the perfect solutions for you.

Data is the basis of any analysis. We focus on each bit of data to dive deep into market insights, customer expectations & internal risks & stay ahead of competitors. Seamless reporting & communication enables us to achieve our client’s business goals.Therefore, we devise the roadmap for a flourishing business incorporating everything from scratch starting from high end analytics & forecasting going forward through Business Intelligence, performance management and data management.



Analytics & Decision Making

It has been seen that even large enterprises encounter huge downfalls owing to wrong decision-making. What causes such failures? Statistics show majority of them facing lack of sufficient analytics. Whether it is a small business or a large enterprise, every organization is vulnerable if there are no defined goals or vision. Recognition of these goals and devising a perfect strategy for them is the initial phase of any business setup; once this is achieved, there is enough data for businesses to then analyze how they can flourish in the near future. That’s the aim of Analytics management.

IT Atlantis for your Analytics Management Processes

Companies nowadays face the complexities of interpreting the data in a real-time manner, and enabling prompt action on them. Our BI (Business Intelligence) experts are highly skilled and we help you overcome such complexities through intelligent Analytics management.



BI Dashboards help provide a customized snapshot of daily operations,and assist the user in identifying prroblems and the source of those problems, as well as providing valuable,up to date information about financial results, sales, and other critical information-all in one place.

We possess the high end technologies for gathering,storing,analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions.

Know Your Data – It Helps



At IT Atlantis, understanding what your data is telling you is our specialty. We identify trends and create reports to help you monitor what is important to you and your business. We want to make sure you do not miss a beat, our alerts can be linked to SMS and our dashboards can be viewed just as easily on mobile devices giving you an added ease of access. Our Business analysts will thoroughly study your data, understand your business needs and provide you with reports, dashboards and alerts tailor made to your requirements. Our experience dealing with financial companies has taught us how valuable your data is. We protect and respect the privacy of your data.

Our services include the implementation of BI tools, such as (to name a few) custom report development, report trouble shooting, data modeling and query access, multidimensional cube design, and dashboard development.

Significance of Business Intelligence

Improve Management Processes: Planning, controlling, measuring and/or changing resulting in increased revenues and reduced costs
Improve Operational Processes: Fraud detection, order processing, purchasing, resulting in increased revenues and reduced costs